Where to Watch Baddies South: Streaming Options Explored

Are you a fan of reality TV shows? If so, you might be wondering where you can catch the latest season of Baddies South. Produced by Natalie Nunn and Tanisha Thomas for the millennial-focused Zeus Network, this American reality TV series is generating quite a buzz. Join the self-proclaimed southern baddies as they navigate their way through various southern cities in the United States. But the question remains: where can you watch this exciting series? Let’s dive into the streaming options.

Is Baddies South on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Baddies South is not available for streaming on Netflix at the moment. However, Netflix offers a wide range of other reality shows that you can indulge in. From popular series like Selling Sunset and Love is Blind to binge-worthy hits like Squid Game and The Circle, there’s no shortage of captivating content on Netflix.

Does Amazon Prime Have Baddies South?

If you’re an Amazon Prime Video subscriber, you won’t find Baddies South included in your subscription. This reality television series is not available for streaming with Prime Video at this time. Nevertheless, Prime Video offers a plethora of other reality TV shows to keep you entertained. From Skulls & Roses to America’s Next Top Model, there’s something for everyone on this streaming platform.

Is Baddies South on Hulu?

Regrettably, Baddies South is not streaming on Hulu. Developed by the Zeus Network, this captivating reality TV show is not available for Hulu subscribers in the US, UK, and Canada. Nonetheless, Hulu has a diverse library of other popular series, including The Masked Singer.

Where Can I Watch Baddies South Series?

If you’re eager to delve into the drama and excitement of Baddies South, you’ll need to head over to the Zeus Network. Exclusive to the United States, this reality TV show is available for streaming on the Zeus Network. The recently aired Season 4 consists of 20 thrilling episodes, with new episodes released every Sunday. To access the series, you can opt for a premium plan on the Zeus Network at $5.99 per month. Alternatively, you can choose an annual subscription priced at $59.99, which offers a 16% discount from the monthly subscription rate.

Baddies South Cast

The cast of Baddies South includes three new bad girls from the Oxygen series, two from One Mo’ Chance, and one from Blue Girls Club, alongside Instagram model Anne Moore. Returning from Baddies ATL are Natalie Nunn and Christina Salgado. Here’s the full list of cast members for Baddies Season 2:

  • Natalie Nunn
  • Sidney Starr
  • Christina Salgado
  • Elliadria “Persuasian” Griffin
  • Briana “Bri” Walker
  • Gia “Rollie Pollie” Mayham
  • Jelaminah “Jela” Lanier
  • Chrisean Rock
  • Anne Moore
  • Slim

Where to Watch Baddies South for Free?

While Baddies South is exclusively available on the Zeus Network, we do not encourage accessing the series through illegal streaming platforms. Although it may be tempting to watch it on platforms like Heaux Phase and Kokomo City documentary, it’s important to support the creators and respect intellectual property rights.


The Baddies of the South are back, ready to take the Dirty South by storm. Join them as they travel in style on a decked-out tour bus, crashing in luxurious homes and performing at the hottest clubs and parties. With three seasons already aired (Baddies ATL, Baddies South, and Baddies West), the excitement continues to build as the announcement for the fourth season, Baddies East, was made in April 2023.

With all the drama, glitz, and glamour, Baddies South promises to be an exhilarating reality TV series that you don’t want to miss. So grab your popcorn and tune in to the Zeus Network for the ultimate entertainment experience!

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