Can You Use a Blink Camera Without a Subscription? Find Out Here!

Package thefts have become all too common these days, and unfortunately, I have fallen victim to this crime myself. The frustration of having my packages stolen from my doorstep without any clue of who was responsible was unbearable. That’s when I realized I needed an outdoor camera that could provide clear recordings of all outdoor activities, day and night.

After researching various options, I decided to go for the Blink Camera. The promise of free cloud storage, motion detection, and two-way audio excited me. However, I soon encountered some challenges while using the camera. I wanted a wireless camera that could record and store videos for future reference, but the subscription complications were putting a damper on my overall experience. That’s when I started wondering if I could use the Blink Camera without a subscription at all.

To find the answers, I scoured the internet for possible solutions. And here’s what I discovered: yes, you can use a Blink Camera without a subscription. However, without an active subscription, you won’t be able to record videos and store them on the cloud. You’ll be limited to live video streaming only.

Can You Use a Blink Camera Without a Subscription?

Installing security devices is an essential safety measure that many people overlook, often due to the high cost of the product itself or the expensive subscription plans associated with it. But if you already own a Blink Camera, you can use it without paying the monthly subscription fees. However, by doing so, you’ll miss out on two crucial benefits that the camera offers: the ability to record and upload videos to cloud storage for later viewing.

Without a subscription, the Blink Camera only provides live camera streaming. It’s worth noting that Blink has received numerous negative reviews due to its limited usability without a subscription. If you’re looking for a security camera that allows you to record and store videos on the cloud without monthly fees, I’ll discuss some Blink alternatives later in this article.

What Can the Blink Mini Do Without a Subscription?

The Blink Mini is primarily used as an indoor camera as it requires a wired connection to a power source. Some of its features, such as recording clips and saving them to cloud storage, do require a subscription. However, without a subscription, your Blink Mini camera can:

  1. Stream live footage on your Blink mobile app.
  2. Send motion sensing alerts.

Can Older Customers Use Blink Cameras Without a Subscription?

If you already have an older Blink system, such as XT or XT2 models, you won’t need to pay subscription charges for new cameras. This means you can enjoy the same features without spending a single penny. Additionally, having an older Blink system may provide access to paid features like video recording and cloud storage.

How to Save Your Blink Camera Footage Without a Subscription

In the past, Blink camera users couldn’t save their footage without a subscription. However, now you can purchase a Sync Module from Blink, which allows you to locally save your footage on a USB drive. The installation process is simple, requiring no drilling or additional tools. You can easily mount it anywhere using the included mount. The Sync Module comes in storage variants of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

It’s worth mentioning that the Sync Module has had its fair share of problems, including reports of flash drives failing to store videos or stop working within a short period. These issues are mostly seen in newer versions. So, if you want to avoid these problems and can afford a monthly subscription for cloud storage, consider checking out the subscription plans below!

Blink Camera Subscription Plans

Currently, Blink offers two subscription plans that provide additional features like cloud storage and access to past recordings:

  • Basic Plan: This plan costs $3 per month and includes 60 days of watch history, a one-year warranty, motion-activated alerts, and two-way talks. It supports only one camera.
  • Plus Plan: Priced at $10 per month, this plan allows you to add an unlimited number of cameras. This is the biggest difference between the Plus plan and the Basic plan. The warranty remains valid as long as the subscription is active.

Blink Camera Free Trial

Eligible Blink cameras come with a 30-day free trial of the Plus plan. This trial allows you to access cloud storage and save videos. However, if you prefer saving your videos locally without a subscription, you can cancel the free trial and purchase the Sync Module 2, which includes a USB flash drive. After the trial ends, you’ll need to pay for a paid plan to save your camera footage. Without a paid plan, you’ll only be able to live stream the footage.

Blink App Without Subscription

Using the Blink app without a subscription limits the overall usability of your Blink camera setup, whether it’s outdoor or mini. Without a subscription, you’ll have access to simple features like motion alerts and live viewing. However, storage is a common problem with security cameras, and Blink addresses this issue by offering cloud storage at a monthly cost. If you don’t want to pay for a subscription, the only way to store your videos is by using the Sync Module, which automatically stores the footage on a USB flash drive.


The Blink camera offers a more affordable price compared to its alternatives, but it lacks essential security features. Without a subscription, there are limitations in using the app as well. Users have reported several issues with the Blink app, such as the live footage stopping every 30 seconds, requiring you to press play repeatedly. Additionally, there have been problems with the Sync Module failing to store videos or displaying errors. Although these issues are expected to be resolved in upcoming software updates, you may want to consider looking into the alternatives I’ve mentioned until the Blink camera functions normally.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Blink camera charge a monthly fee?
Yes, Blink camera charges a monthly fee if you choose to use cloud storage and save your footage.

Can I use Blink cameras without an Amazon account?
Yes, you can use Blink cameras without an Amazon account.

Is Blink going to charge for storage?
Yes, Blink charges a monthly subscription fee for cloud storage. However, you can also purchase the Sync Module 2, which allows you to store your videos locally.

How do I link Blink accounts?
You can link only one Blink account to an Amazon account at a time.

If you can’t find the solution you’re looking for in this article, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support team. Their trained and experienced professionals will be able to provide better guidance.

Looking for alternatives to the Blink camera without a subscription? Based on features, reliability, and price, I extensively researched and read genuine reviews to find the best options. Here are some alternatives:

  • Ring Camera: This security camera comes in multiple variants, including wired, wireless, solar-powered, and Power over Ethernet (PoE). The prices range from $59 to $249, depending on the model. Ring cameras offer motion detection, two-way audio, and an emergency siren.
  • Arlo Ultra 2: This wireless security camera boasts 4k HDR resolution and is ideal for monitoring larger areas with its ultra-wide-angle lens. The battery can last up to 6 months, and you also get a 3-month free trial of Arlo Secure with the camera. The cost is around $249.

In conclusion, while the Blink camera may be more affordable, it falls short in terms of essential security features. Without a subscription, there are limitations to its app usability as well. Users have experienced various issues with the Blink app and the Sync Module. Although these issues are expected to be resolved, you may want to consider the alternatives mentioned above until the Blink camera functions smoothly.