Blake Shelton Denies Canceling $30 Million CMT Project: Fact Check Reveals the Truth

Have you heard the rumor that Blake Shelton canceled a $30 million project with CMT in support of Jason Aldean? Well, it’s time to set the record straight. A recent Instagram post went viral, claiming that Shelton had called off the project, citing Aldean as the reason. But is there any truth to this claim? Let’s dive in and find out.

The Claim: Blake Shelton canceled a $30 million project with CMT in support of Jason Aldean

A post on Instagram gained significant attention, featuring side-by-side photos of Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean, with the text below claiming that Shelton had canceled a multimillion-dollar project with CMT in support of his friend. The post received thousands of likes and shares on various social media platforms. However, our fact check rating reveals that this claim is false.

False Information Spreads

The origin of the claim can be traced back to a satirical website known as Dunning-Kruger Times. The website is part of the America’s Last Line of Defense satirical network and openly states that everything published on the site is fictional. Although the stories are meant to be satire, they are not clearly labeled as such.

In an email exchange with USA TODAY, Christopher Blair, the creator of the website, confirmed that they do not publish any truthful content. Shelton’s publicist, Wes Vause, also stated that the claim was false.

Beware of Stolen Satire

This particular story falls under the category of “stolen satire.” Posts that were originally written as satire and labeled as such are reposted without any mention of their satirical nature, deceiving readers into believing that they are legitimate news.

It’s worth mentioning that Shelton has made no public statements regarding the controversy surrounding Aldean’s song or any multimillion-dollar project with CMT on his website or social media accounts. Moreover, reputable media outlets have not reported on such a project.

Fact Check Reveals the Truth

To put the matter to rest, we conducted a fact check and found that there is no evidence supporting the claim that Blake Shelton canceled a $30 million project with CMT in support of Jason Aldean. The viral post was based on a satirical story, and both the website publisher and Shelton’s publicist have confirmed its falsity.


In conclusion, the claim that Blake Shelton called off a $30 million project with CMT in support of Jason Aldean is false. The story originated from a satirical website, and neither Shelton nor his publicist have confirmed the existence of such a project. It’s always important to fact check information before sharing it to ensure its accuracy. Stay informed and don’t fall for misleading posts.

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