Why Ghost Fakery Irks Me | Unmasking the Skeptic’s Scheme

Ghost Guide Daniel here, and let me tell you, fake ghost experiences really get under my skin. The other day, while tuning in to the Joe Rogan Podcast, something struck me. It was the first time he had paranormal investigators on his show. These guys, Sam and Colby, are famous on YouTube, with millions of followers. They venture into the most haunted places in search of ghosts.

You might wonder why my BS radar was going off throughout the entire podcast. Well, let’s dive into it together.

Investigation in the Good Ol’ Days

Back in my day, investigations followed two schools of thought: the spiritual and the scientific. During my five-year stint as an investigator from 1999 to 2004, our team aimed to combine both approaches. We brought together skeptical thinkers and psychics, all under the guidance of a coordinator and a journalist (yours truly). And you know what? It actually worked. We achieved fascinating results, and the best part was, everyone got along!

Sure, we had our disagreements, but they were few and far between. With strong leadership in place, both sides showed respect and open-mindedness.

The Proliferation of Fake Ghosts

Unfortunately, our approach was far from the norm. Most investigators, then and now, rely solely on the spiritual aspect. They bring along untested psychics, granting them leadership roles and basing their findings solely on psychic claims. They might use ghost tools like EMF detectors and cameras, but there’s often a lack of scientific rigor and critical thinking.

These uncontrolled sessions result in numerous orbs and EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) with no way to verify the evidence or consider the skeptic’s perspective. But here’s the question I always asked: Isn’t the purpose of investigation to prove the existence of ghosts?

Learning from Past Mistakes

Let me share an example of an investigation gone wrong at Hamilton’s Custom House in 2000. We were on the second floor, partnering with a well-known spiritual investigator who also served as his own psychic. Not much happened during the investigation, but afterward, he sent us a sound file claiming it captured a remarkable EVP. We listened eagerly, only to realize that the conversation we had noted on our own recordings matched the supposed ghostly response. It became clear that it was a fake ghost EVP.

We shared our findings with the investigator, but he stubbornly clung to his belief in the supernatural explanation. It was a missed opportunity for growth and critical thinking.

Tapping into the Queen Mary Ghost Story

Throughout the years, I’ve developed a keen sense for BS. I’m not a skeptic by any means, having had my share of unexplained experiences. What irks me is when people fake ghostly encounters for attention and clicks.

When Sam and Colby recounted their story of ghostly communication on the haunted Queen Mary ship during Joe Rogan’s podcast, my BS system went on high alert. They claimed that after their video cameras were turned off, the bathroom faucet came on by itself, and one team member even started weeping. They believed the spirit wanted to communicate off-camera, capturing the session only on audio with knocking sounds for yes or no responses.

Now, doesn’t that sound suspicious?

It’s much easier to fabricate a fake ghost session on audio than on video. Don’t get me wrong; both can be faked, but audio lends itself better to manipulation and storytelling. It’s a clever trick—one that even Houdini would appreciate!

Pranksters Turned Investigators

What adds to my skepticism is Sam and Colby’s background as pranksters. They entered the YouTube scene as pranksters, a genre that still thrives today. Pranking, whether real or fake, attracts attention and clicks. While I don’t judge anyone’s chosen profession, I take issue when it involves hurting others for personal gain.

Although they acknowledged their past pranks to Joe Rogan, there was no hint of remorse or personal growth. This lack of accountability troubles me.

The Damage of Fake Ghosts

Faking ghostly encounters for attention and clicks damages the belief in ghosts. It gives ammunition to skeptical minds, providing them with another reason to dismiss everything as mere trickery. These days, the most popular investigators are the ones who produce quick results. No one wants to invest time in a detailed, scientifically grounded investigation that aims to debunk natural phenomena. It simply doesn’t sell!

The Value of Ghosts

But let’s not forget that there’s so much more to the spiritual realm than just ghosts. Think of mindfulness and connecting with the energy that makes up our reality. Science has failed to answer the fundamental question of the meaning of life, leaving space for the spiritual aspect.

I believe our limited human minds will never truly grasp the answer because we’re bound by the material. And so, we turn to the spiritual—a realm that allows us to accept that there is something beyond this tangible reality.

Embracing a Better Relationship with Death

Ultimately, our fear of death drives our fascination with ghosts. The belief that there’s more to existence after our bodies cease to function holds tremendous value. I’m not talking about a religious perspective, but rather a sense that the energy animating our bodies shouldn’t just cease to exist. It feels instinctively true that this energy moves on to something else.

Where does it go? That’s the question. If patterns repeat in this reality, perhaps our energy recycles, returning to a source and eventually emerging in a new form—a concept known as reincarnation.

It’s a fascinating thought, isn’t it? And maybe, just maybe, we have the choice to linger after death, watching over our loved ones until the time comes for us to move on.

That, my friend, is a beautiful and comforting thought.

Closing Thoughts

As I conclude, I want to emphasize that my skepticism is not a rejection of the existence of ghosts. It’s born out of a genuine concern for the integrity of the field. Let’s strive for honesty, authenticity, and a deep respect for the profound mysteries of the spiritual realm.

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Until next time, keep seeking the truth and embracing the wonders of the unknown.

  • Ghost Guide Daniel